Event Report- Addressing Civic Issues with Legal Experts and Civic Activists

In a bid to tackle pressing civic issues plaguing cities, Moneylife Foundation hosted a special webinar featuring legal experts and civic activists. The webinar, titled "Addressing Potholes, Illegal Hoardings and Civic Challenges," aimed to shed light on the rampant issues of potholes, illegal hoardings and other similar concerns.
The esteemed panel included Advocate Ruju Thakkar from the Bombay High Court, Advocate Trivankumar Karnani, founder of MNCDF (Mumbai North Central District Forum), and Anil Galgali, a renowned civic activist and journalist.
Advocate Ruju Thakkar provided valuable insights into the legal framework surrounding these issues, emphasising the importance of accountability and effective enforcement of existing laws. She highlighted the role of the judiciary in addressing civic grievances and ensuring adherence to regulations.
Advocate Trivankumar Karnani shared his experiences and initiatives through MNCDF in tackling civic challenges at the grassroots level. He emphasised the need for community participation and collaboration with authorities to address issues like potholes and illegal hoardings effectively.
Anil Galgali, known for his relentless efforts in exposing civic irregularities, provided a firsthand account of the challenges faced by citizens and the role of media in highlighting these issues. He stressed the importance of transparency and public awareness in holding authorities accountable for maintaining civic infrastructure.
During the interactive session, participants engaged in discussions on practical solutions, citizen responsibilities and the role of technology in monitoring and reporting civic issues. The webinar concluded with a call to action for collective efforts from citizens, authorities and stakeholders to create cleaner, safer and more sustainable urban environments.
Overall, the webinar served as a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration towards addressing civic challenges and fostering positive change in our communities.
A video recording is available on our YouTube channel:

Date: 23 Aug 2023
Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Venue: Online Webinar

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