Event Report- How Not to Become A Victim of Online Frauds

The covid pandemic has forced governments worldwide to enforce strict lockdowns forcing people to stay indoors. Even India has been under nationwide lockdown for many months, and unfortunately people who are new to online transactions have been forced to foray into the digital world for basic needs. This has meant a larger and easier target is available for online fraudsters who are taking advantage of the situation.
Realising that many people need to be educated in the basic precautions that one should take in the digital world, Moneylife Foundation had organised a special webinar with our Deputy Editor Yogesh Sapkale. The session was very well attended with over 200 participants, many of whom have requested for a repeat of the session in Marathi. 
In the webinar, several important aspects of digital security were covered with detailed examples explaining many concepts in a simple easy to understand manner. Topics such as online banking, digital transactions, avoiding KYC and ‘Jamtara’ frauds and the importance of OTP, password and PIN were covered in extensive detail. Mr Sapkale also explained the important steps one should follow in order to get justice in case you have been a victim of fraud. 
Video recording of the session:
Video recording of the Q&A session:

Date: 26 Aug 2020
Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue: Online Webinar

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