Event Report- Exploring the Intersection of Digital Data Protection and Right to Information: Insights from Expert Webinar

Moneylife Foundation recently hosted a thought-provoking webinar delving into the intricate relationship between digital personal data protection and the Right to Information (RTI). The webinar, titled "Implications of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act on RTI," brought together distinguished experts in the field to dissect the implications of evolving legislation on transparency and accountability.
Shailesh Gandhi, former Central Information Commissioner, and Venkatesh Nayak, RTI activist and director of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), led the discussion, providing invaluable insights into the intersection of data protection laws and the RTI framework.
Shailesh Gandhi, drawing from his extensive experience in promoting transparency and access to information, highlighted the need for a delicate balance between data privacy and the public's right to information. He emphasised the importance of safeguarding personal data while upholding the principles of transparency and accountability enshrined in the RTI Act.
Venkatesh Nayak, renowned for his advocacy work on promoting government transparency and accountability, elucidated on the potential challenges and opportunities presented by the Digital Personal Data Protection Act. He underscored the significance of ensuring that data protection regulations do not impede citizens' access to vital information through the RTI mechanism.
The webinar sparked engaging discussions among participants, touching upon various facets such as data anonymisation, exemptions for public interest disclosures and the role of oversight mechanisms in safeguarding citizens' rights.
Participants also raised pertinent questions regarding the implementation of data protection laws vis-à-vis the RTI Act, seeking clarity on potential conflicts and strategies for harmonising both frameworks to serve the public interest effectively.
As the webinar concluded, it left attendees with a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between digital data protection and the Right to Information. The discussions underscored the importance of ensuring that regulatory frameworks strike a delicate balance between protecting personal data rights and upholding the principles of transparency, accountability and citizen empowerment.
Overall, the webinar served as a catalyst for informed dialogue and advocacy efforts aimed at navigating the evolving landscape of digital governance while safeguarding fundamental rights to access information and privacy protection.
A video recording is available on our YouTube channel 

Date: 05 Oct 2023
Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Venue: Online Webinar

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