Our COVID-19 Relief Work in Collaboration With Other Organisations
Dear Moneylifers,
Greetings! It has been a distressing and stressful month for us all with the global COVID-19 pandemic. No one in the world has seen anything like this in our lifetimes. The nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the virus was probably necessary, but too many people have been left in the wind - homeless, jobless or with no food to feed their families. Even more scary is the situation in hospitals - public and private, where doctors dealing with confirmed COVID patients and walk-ins are having a harrowing time because of lack of equipment.
So while March was more or less washed out in terms of our routine work, Moneylife Foundation has jumped in to help. Thankfully, the Director General for Civil Defence Organisation, Mr Sanjay Pandey has his entire team at Civil Defence and Home Guards rendering yeoman service with logistics and of course, the amazing camp that has been set up with a lot of work from NGOs and corporate donors such as Reliance Foundation. You can read more about the coordinated efforts of the various organisations that came together in these difficult times, here
Getting supplies is a work in progress. Only yesterday a Lion's Club donated toiletries such as toothpaste, soaps etc. Someone else provided steel plates and tumblers. But supplies have to be replenished - so if you wish to assist the Civil Defence camp in kind, do write to us and we will pass on your message.You can see more photos of their effort here
Meanwhile Moneylife Foundation registered itself with the Darpan database of Niti Ayog in order to be involved in the COVID-19 relief work. The Thakur Foundation, which supports our RTI centre has been a generous donor. Prof Ritu Dewan has helped connect with the Mumbai University Economics Department Alumni Association and we are truly gratified at how all of you have responded with generosity. Thank you so much, we need to do a lot more. You can donate by clicking this link or checking the details below.
Moneylife Foundation has decided to focus primarily on the shortage of medical safety equipment. That is a challenge, made more difficult by the misguided attempts of government to do everything themselves, while one hospital after another is reporting new cases of COVID-19. Remember, this equipment is required not only for medical staff and care givers, but also municipal safai workers and police personnel who have been out on the streets and exposed continually.
We have distributed face shields, face masks, gloves etc to all these categories but a lot more needs to be done. You can see more pictures of our efforts here
We have also run the gauntlet of permissions with the help of many doctors, donors and friends - Harish Iyer, Dr Neela Patwardhan and Prof. Ritu Dewan deserve a special mention. So, we are expecting to start supplying the all important PPE Kits soon and are continuing our hunt for N95 masks.
Would you like to help our effort? Here are a few things you could do.
Help us connect with reliable suppliers at the best rates for the following equipment. But please do not dump addresses on us, help to contact them. Check if they have sufficient supply and can deliver, and if the rates are anywhere close to the ones we have already negotiated with much effort. See the details below and connect with us only if they meet this criteria.
1) PPE sets - we have a rate of Rs800 + tax as of now
2) N-95 masks - have a quote of Rs100 + tax, after having been forced to purchase at a high of Rs175 when things were frantic OR Venus Masks
3) 3-ply masks - between Rs7-10 + tax
4) Cleaning gloves for municipal safai workers - we have a rate of Rs20 a pair for 60gsm. These are needed in the thousands by medical staff, cleaning staff and those involved in food distribution (as much as 20,000 pairs or more - remember these are our front line warriors). They are not nitrile surgical gloves but rubber ones, sometimes backed with cotton and last for a month or more.
5) Face Shields - we have purchased for Rs150 + tax, but have now begun to receive discounted offers at a little over 1/3rd the price. So please do not recommend anything over Rs75 please. These are required by the 1000s as well.
6) Sanitizers - in 5 liter cans or half liter dispensing bottles.
We would love to have your help in the form of supplies or sources.
Donate to Support our COVID-19 Relief Work
We are earnestly requesting individuals and companies to come forward and support Moneylife Foundation's relief efforts. If you would like to contribute for this activity, please DONATE NOW.
When you complete your donation online, please do mark your donation as 'General', so as to enable us to identify and use the funds appropriately for the relief work. You can additionally share the details of your donation to [email protected] to help us keep track.
If you would prefer donating to us through RTGS/NEFT, please use our bank details as listed below:
Organisation: Moneylife Foundation
Bank Account No: 641201050651
Bank Account Type: Savings Trust Account
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Bank Branch: Gokhale Road
Bank Address: Guru Prasad Bldg, Anant Patil Marg, Gokhale Road, Dadar, Mumbai 400028.
IFSC Code: ICIC0006412

We will also need the following information in order to send you the tax-exemption certificate.
Contact No
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Thank you for your support over these years and look forward to your good wishes always.
Best regards,
Sucheta Dalal
Founder-Trustee, Moneylife Foundation
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