Rewarding Excellence in Corporate Governance; Planning for the Next Decade of Moneylife Foundation
Dear Moneylifers,
I am excited to share with you a new initiative to recognize good governance initiatives or writing on the subject. This is the brain-child of a generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, and has initiated a small corpus, whose interest will be used to a fund an annual award.
We are delighted to announce that we already have in place a highly regarded 3-member jury. They shall recommend a deserving candidate based on the works they have come across over the period of a calendar year. Moneylife Foundation will assist in the process by cataloging any potential works that the jury finds deserving of the award for the calendar year 2020. The first award at the hands of our Chief Guest at our Anniversary programme in 2021. For details Click here.
If you like the idea and want to donate to enhance the corpus and for arrangements, we would welcome a specific donation that mentions "Corporate Governance Award".
Upcoming Programmes
The other point of excitement is our realization that we are soon going to be a decade old in February 2020. We were very keen on marking this event by having someone truly inspiring to address us. Someone whose life and actions speak for themselves through their vision, ideals and amazing contribution to society.
We will share details shortly, but as a Moneylifer I request you to block 29th February afternoon for us we will be truly gratified to have our members with us. Please consider this a personal note of appreciation for your support in making us a credible voice over the last decade.
Finally, the 10th anniversary is also the time to get back to basics, especially when we see so many people losing money in a wide range of bad or faulty investments. So we are re-starting our financial literacy series. Unfortunately, people tend to be scammed in the same old way there may be new cover stories and imaginative use of technology. But at the root, all scams play on greed and fear. If we are conscious of this, we are likely to make less mistakes.
We will also continue our series of discussions on Mumbai's urban infrastructure related issues. Keep an eye out for these upcoming sessions.
Programmes in November
The first of our series of sessions on the city's urban infrastructure, was organised with architect Pranav Naik and the bicycle Mayor of Mumbai, Firoza Suresh, on Reclaiming Mumbai's Open Spaces. Being a cycling enthusiast and the director of Smart Commute Foundation, Firoza is keen on converting Mumbai's pedestrian population to a bicycle one. Her talk focused on the advantages of bicycling to work and also to cover short distances. She explained how their organisation is working with concerned officials to implement cycling tracks under Metro tracks and also organises events to promote awareness on the advantages of using your bicycle. On the other hand, Pranav being an architect, talked in brief about the projects that his company (Studio Pomegranate) has worked on to improve space on sidewalks and under flyovers around Mumbai. If you missed out on attending this session, you can always watch it on our YouTube Channel and you can also read about it here.
We also had a very lively and interactive session on Maintaining Brain Health with motivational speaker K L Narayanan and several members of his extended family. This talk had a lot of interactive aspects with a skit demonstrating the adverse effects of alzheimer's disease and lively demonstrations of how music, meditation and dancing can assist in preventing onset of mental health diseases. The session was well attended by a packed audience of concerned citizens who were keen to know about the methods of preventing mental health diseases. As always, you can watch the video recording of this session on YouTube.
RTI Centre
This month we conducted quite a few RTI lectures and workshops, some of them in colleges while others at our Knowledge Centre. Indian Express Journalist Vishwas Waghmode, was invited to talk about Making Monday Inspections Under RTI Work for You. Vishwas had previously conducted a session for the RTI Centre, sharing his most successful stories that he had uncovered by making effective use of RTI applications. In this session, Vishwas shared the process of conducting inspections of records on Mondays under the new government resolution (GR) for the RTI Act and also a few tips on how to best conduct such inspections. Do watch the informative video of this session here.
Retd. Central Information Commissioner (CIC), Shailesh Gandhi, conducted RTI workshops for students at Maharashtra College and Sophia College, as well as a workshop for members of Moneylife Foundation at our Knowledge Centre. All of these sessions were recorded and the video can be seen on our YouTube Channel. We are always happy to conduct such informative RTI workshops and would be gladly willing to do one for your organisation or college. All we require is attendance of at least 100 people and access to your auditorium/hall for a brief 2 hour period. Do send us a mail [email protected] if you are interested.
If you are in Mumbai, please take advantage of the opportunity to come and learn from our experts, whether it be from Daily Counseling Sessions or from our occasional events. If you are not located in Mumbai, you can still take advantage of our sessions by watching them live on Facebook and of course on our YouTube Channel where a video recording is published a few days after the event.
Moneylife TV
Moneylife TV has reached over 32.28 lakh views with almost 30,753 active subscribers. You can watch our videos from almost any part of the globe and enrich yourself. If you do not want to miss out on any of our videos then do subscribe to the Moneylife channel on YouTube here.
In an attempt to help citizens across the country get access to our sessions, we also live-stream them on our Facebook page live as they happen. Do like our Facebook Page so that you get constant updates of events. During events, you can also pose your questions and get it resolved from our experts.
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Legal Resource Centre: We have handled 2,103 queries since inception, thanks to the generous help and guidance by senior activists.
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Thank you for your support and look forward to your good wishes always.
Best regards,
Sucheta Dalal
Founder-Trustee, Moneylife Foundation
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