Greetings for the Festive Season;
Do Support Our Effort To Keep Fighting For Your Financial Issues
Dear Moneylifers,
Let me begin by wishing you the best for the coming festive season. Even as you celebrate, remember to always stay on guard – this is also the busy season for scammers and fraudsters who are out to get your money. When consumers are on a big shopping spree and looking out for bargain deal, they tend to be in a hurry and let their guard down.
So shop safely and if you or your dear ones end up in a spot of trouble, do make time to read how to file a grievance or consumer complaint and watch videos on being safe and smart with your money.
As a member, you know that Moneylife Foundation gives you the resources to empower yourself and fight the good fight to demand what is rightfully yours, so why not GIFT this access to your friends and colleagues this Diwali? The best part is that this GIFT is entirely FREE – you just fill up a simple form and become a member.

Donation Match Campaign
Meanwhile, Moneylife Foundation is delighted to get a heart-warming gift from a generous donor, for the third straight year in the form of a Donation Matching Campaign. So, he will match every Rs3,000 that you donate in the next few weeks. We have always been blessed to have wonderful support from our members in helping keep us strong and financially independent. We look forward to your generous encouragement this year as well.
If you have benefited in any form through our work, please do consider making a donation. The match campaign will end in the next few weeks, so please do donate and make use of the opportunity to double your impact in this match campaign.

Our Studies on Bank Charges and Asset Transmission Woes
Our study on the challenges and obstacles faced by legal heirs and beneficiaries when attempting to claim financial assets is going well. As a part of this study we have put out a survey that will help us gather precise details about the hurdles to smooth succession. I urge you to take this survey and encourage members in your Telegram and WhatsApp groups to take a few minutes to fill this out too. Here is a link to the survey, do share it widely:
We also look forward to inputs for our second study on bank charges. If you find your bank is imposing excessive charges for certain services, do write to us with specific details at [email protected]. The more information we have the better will be our study and our effort at ensuring a level playing field.

Housing Society Problems & Solutions
Members would recall that Mr Shirish Shanbhag has been diligently answering and providing guidance to queries on housing society and property related matters, through weekly columns on our website, one-on-one sessions at our office and also on our Legal Helpline Legal Helpline.
In-person counseling sessions tend to benefit Mumbaikars, so Mr Shanbagh's immensely popular weekly column has taken this effort nationwide. He also answers 20-30 queries a week on the legal helpline offering comprehensive solutions covering a gamut of issues such as parking, maintenance, leakage, redevelopment, deemed conveyance or society rules and transmission issues. These solutions provided are based on details provided and are not a substitute for formal legal help that may be required for certain matters.
You may find a solution to your problem in one of the weekly columns, or you can post your query on our Helpline where it would be answered by Mr Shanbhag.

Frauds, Scams and Mis-selling of Financial Products
Yogesh Sapkale's weekly column Fraud Alerts is essential reading to stay financial safe, do ensure you stay updated with this and our Free Helplines and Guides or Templates as well as our YouTube Channel.

Our Webinars
It started as an exercise to do counseling and workshops online during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, but has now become part of our regular routine. For those who have not been keeping up, we have been hosting webinars online on a wide range of topics from right to information, health, financial literacy, broker defaults and investor grievance mechanisms, redevelopment and conveyance, wills and nominations, and more. Video recordings of all our webinars are available on our YouTube channel. Do subscribe, so that you get notified when a new video is available.
If you would like to be notified when our next webinar is scheduled, please become a member of Moneylife Foundation so that you are automatically added to our mailing lists. Do encourage others to join and take advantage as well!

Past Programmes
This month we had the pleasure to host Adv Prashant Mali for an important webinar discussing cyber security and the legal rules and responsibilities that one has to be aware of. In his talk, Adv Mali explained in simple terms the importance of maintaining a good habit to secure and protect your personal devices such as mobiles and laptops. He also shared many useful tips for our members and attendees to implement in their daily lives. If you missed the webinar do check the video recording on our YouTube Channel.

Our Counseling Sessions
Our experts, Mr Shirish Shanbhag for housing society and property related matters, and Mr Abhay Datar for banking, insurance, medi-claim and consumer related issues, have provided invaluable guidance to hundreds of persons. Do call our office - (022) 2444 1058 or (022) 2444 1059 to make an appointment if you need counselling or email [email protected] You can also speak to our counsellors on phone or a zoom call at the appointed time.

File your RTI Applications with Expert Guidance
RTI Advice App पर विस्तृत गाइड से विशिष्ट उपयोग के मामलों के लिए आरटीआई आवेदन दाखिल करने का तरीका जानें। हिंदी और मराठी भाषाओं में उपलब्ध।
Many of you are already aware of our 'RTI Advice' app, which was launched for both android and iOS devices a year ago. The app helps you get expert advice on your RTI queries in any language or format (text, audio or video) and access to over 900 queries that are already asked and answered by our 14 highly regarded RTI experts.
We have user guides for you in English, Hindi and Marathi! Download the app or access the guides from our website here.

Moneylife TV & Helplines
Financial Literacy Videos in Indian Languages:
  1. Credit cards
  2. Online frauds
  3. Fallacy of gold loans and more in Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil, all on our YouTube channel (
Get guidance and counselling through our Legal Helpline or Credit Helpline.
Sucheta Dalal
Founder-Trustee, Moneylife Foundation
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