Launch of Our Public Liability Insurance Report: Do Join Us on 6th March
Dear Moneylifers,
Greetings! I am delighted to invite all Moneylifers to our first in-person public programme after the Covid pandemic. More importantly, this is something that impact each one of us and we need you to understand why a working 'Public Liability Insurance' is important for every country aspiring to be counted among the developed nations. We hope you will make the time to understand it and also spread the word among others – public pressure alone leads to policy changes.
The report will be launched by the hands of Mr Devesh Srivastava, chairman of General Insurance Corporation of India, followed by a keynote address and discussion with industry leaders on March 6th, at the Indian Merchant Chamber Building in Mumbai at 4pm. Please do register and save yourself a spot: event_registration/launch-of-our-report-on-public-liability-insurance-in-india/358.html
Some of you may recall that we have been discussing and writing about public liability insurance or the lack of it for almost a year. This work culminated into a comprehensive report, which not only covers the rules and regulation governing such insurance in India, but also makes recommendations that are certain to improve the efficacy of liability insurance for public places in India.
Key findings and inputs from our report will surely help victims of natural calamities such as the Bhopal Gas tragedy, Morbi bridge collapse, and also of accidents and fires at public places such as restaurants, malls, theatres etc. This report is only the first step, as it identifies legal gaps in legislature, as well as procedural changes that would be required to make liability cover feasible in India.
With the launch and subsequent discussion on the findings and recommendations of the report, we hope to eventually push for a mandate on liability insurance for all public places and not just industrial incidents as it presently functions.
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Our Counseling Sessions
It's been a few months since we restarted our in-person one-to-one counseling sessions, and we are glad to report that many of you have taken advantage of this FREE service. Our experts, Mr Shirish Shanbhag for housing society and property related matters, and Mr Abhay Datar for banking, insurance, mediclaim and consumer related issues, have continued to provide workable solutions to your grievances and have helped many in these past few months to resolve issues.
They spend their valuable time to provide guidance through counseling sessions and also through our online helplines, and their efforts continue to help many of those who have sought help. If you have a specific concern or issue related to co-operative housing societies, insurance, mediclaim or consumer related complaints, do call our office - (022) 2444 1058 or (022) 2444 1059 for an appointment if you are in Mumbai. Otherwise use our Free Helplines for guidance.

Consumer Awareness & Financial Literacy
As members of Moneylife Foundation, you have access to various content in the form webinars, recorded videos and articles on matters of consumer awareness and financial literacy that we have published on our websites and YouTube channels. All of our published content is available for free, with no restrictions whatsoever. If you've not taken the time to educate yourself, please do so and spread the word about our work to your friends, colleagues and family so that many others can benefit.
As consumers you need to be vigilant when shopping or transacting online. Deals that seem too good to be true, are most likely scams designed to lure unsuspecting consumers. Thousands of people become victims of holiday scams every year. Scammers can rob you of hard-earned money, personal information, and at the very least, a festive mood. It is important you remain vigilant and aware in an increasingly online world that becomes unsafe for consumers in new ways everyday. Moneylife Foundation has actively made efforts on several fronts in this regard.
We continue to educate our members on the latest frauds, scams and attractive yet fraudulent schemes through series of articles on Moneylife. Our Youtube Channel has a vast repository of videos from past seminars and workshops, as well as short videos on topics of financial literacy which are a great resource to those willing to spend some time learning. Our online helplines are always open for counselling from a panel of experts on issues on banking, insurance, housing and property related matters, consumer and other issues.
Do take the time to read our articles, watch the videos and also share them with others, so that many more can take advantage of the knowledge and remain safe. Please also do encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to become members of Moneylife Foundation.
Take extra precaution when using banking apps, websites or e-commerce sites while shopping, as they have been instances of fake apps and fraudulent websites masquerading as authorised ones. Read this article to know what you should do when you are cheated while shopping online and follow this how-to guide when you want to file a consumer complaint.
Recently we have made efforts to present our financial literacy videos in languages other than Hindi and English. You can now learn to use credit cards safely, stay away from online frauds, learn about the fallacy of gold loans and more in Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil, all on our YouTube channel (

Upcoming Programmes
We have a few webinars lined up in the coming months. So keep a lookout for the invitations in your mailbox or WhatsApp (if you're on our lists). If you have a topic or issue that you would like us to cover in a webinar or workshop, do send us an email at [email protected], and we will surely consider your request.
Staying Safe from Digital and Online Frauds
Yogesh Sapkale, deputy editor for Moneylife, who writes a weekly column on #fraudalerts will be speaking about digital and online frauds, and the steps one can take to stay safe.
15 March 2023 | 6:00-7:30pm, Online on Zoom
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RTI Advice App पर विस्तृत गाइड से विशिष्ट उपयोग के मामलों के लिए आरटीआई आवेदन दाखिल करने का तरीका जानें। हिंदी और मराठी भाषाओं में उपलब्ध।
Many of you are already aware of our 'RTI Advice' app, which was launched for both android and iOS devices a year ago. The app helps you get expert advice on your RTI queries in any language or format (text, audio or video) and access to over 900 queries that are already asked and answered by our 14 highly regarded RTI experts.
Don't worry about how to navigate the app—we now have user guides for you in English, Hindi and Marathi! Download the app or access the guides from our website here.

Programmes Conducted
This month, we hosted Advocate Vinod Sampat, a renowned expert on matters of housing societies, for a webinar on the Intricacies & Challenges in Redevelopment of Housing Societies. Advocate Sampat spoke candidly on the topic, and shared his recommendations for a smooth redevelopment process, and also answered questions from the attendees. If you missed watching it live, you can still read about it here see the video recording on our YouTube channel here. Do register to become a member to be on our mailing lists, so that you are informed about the schedule of our future webinars in advance!

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Sucheta Dalal
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